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Camps and Operations Update - Chalets now the Lodges, and totally remodeled!
January 14, 2012 ~ 6 comments

It has been too long since I have spent any time sharing about what is happening here at Word of Life. We have had so many exciting and new things happening! In August the installation of our new Executive Director - Don Lough, Jr. You can check out the story of Don Lough right here! Many projects happening our facilities and an emphasis on Marketing and Programming at our camps.


The focus for our Operations Team is Integration and Planning - we want our service departments to be completely integrated with all of Word of Life and with each other. The other goal is planning, we have set very aggressive goals to strategically plan out the next 5 years. This includes a facility plan for each property that supports the needs of the ministry plan. The ministry plan is the key driver in a facility plan!


The focus for our camps: Marketing and Programming! We are working hard to develop comprehensive marketing plans, which include a greater road presence, phone calling, using social media (Check out our Camps Facebook page and "Like Us") and web! As to program, we are working right now on detailed programming and events for each camp… thinking through every aspect, from the time our guests step or drive onto the property right up to when they leave the camp! We want the entire experience to be well thought out, exciting, energetic and Christ Honoring!


I want to take the rest of this post to share with you the INN Chalet Project! We are thrilled to announce that we are remodeling two chalets this winter and they will be ready when we open in March! We are officially changing the name from Chalets to Lodges! We will be naming them after different mountains here in the Adirondacks.


Here are the names:


Algonquin Lodge             

Cascade Lodge                 

Iroquois Lodge                 

Marcy Lodge                     

Rocky Peak Lodge          

Severance Lodge            

Whiteface Lodge             



So, what are we doing with them?


To start we completely gutted them… then all new electrical, insulation, sheetrock and new ceiling grids and tiles. Also, brand new heating and air conditioning units that are highly efficient. We are going for an Adirondack theme with all of our remodeling at the INN. In the coming weeks I will be posting about the INN Lobby!


We have also added a second floor deck and door off the front of the building for an incredible view of Schroon Lake! We have replaced the back steps and have made them nice and sturdy! 


The bottom rooms now have double doors, which means you can rent both rooms open the door and have extra space for your family. If you rent out the room for yourself… no problem just keep your side locked and you are totally secure and safe!


Bathrooms are being totally remodeled, with tile flooring, new vanity and sinks!


You can see from some of the pictures these are going to really awesome! We are excited to be offering them! Please book now, as I am sure they will fill up quick. Remember, this is not about buildings but about coming and spending a week with great friends, great speakers, music and of course awesome food! It just makes the experience a little nicer when the room you are staying in has just been remodeled! We would count it a privilege to serve you and your family for God's Glory!

View from the Driveway!

View of the Second Floor Porch!

Author: cathy machak - January 18, 2012
I was wondering if you could show pictures of what the Chalets look like inside. One of the selling points to me is seeing the interior. Thanks Cathy Machak
Author: Roger Peace - January 18, 2012
Cathy, Yes, we will post pictures in the coming days from the inside. I think you will like it! Check back soon.
Author: Jillian - January 19, 2012
SO excited to see this happening! I always thought the chalet's could have been such a strong selling point for the Inn, if properly renovated. They have so much potential!
Author: Roger Peace - January 19, 2012
Dear Jillian, thanks for sharing! Glad you stopped by!
Author: King - July 16, 2013
You mentioned the 4-H lamb and I just pkcied up mine from the butcher. One of the best sources of lamb (or any other meat) is to contact the local University Extension office and get your name on the list to buy a 4-H animal after the fair. At the end of the fair they have a carcass contest in which the animals are judged with the skin off to see which is actually the best and not just the prettiest. The kids get ribbons etc. for this contest but then need to have someone take the meat. The kids that have worked with and loved the animal for a year don't want to take it home in a box of packages so are happy to sell it to anyone that will take it. Mine was actually shown at the State Fair. The way it is done in my area is that I am contacted by the parents in case of a young 4-Her or the older 4-Her themselves who tell me the price they would like. I then send them a check and they tell me which locker that I can contact to get the meat. I then call the locker and tell them how I want the animal cut up. I also take the locker spices to be added to the ground meat so it is all ready to cook direct from the freezer. They call back when the meat is ready and I pick it up and pay them for their work. In the past it has cost me a total of about $2/lb, but this year the price was closer to $3. Still not bad for the best and freshest available. And on the side I figure I've given a kid some money for their college fund.
Author: Mistery - July 17, 2013
And to continue the small world theme I was brisnowg recent blog posts on bloglovin and came across this post and thought wait a minute. There aren't that many Bohica Lodges in the world. Sure enough, those are my grandparents! I am so glad to hear you got to experience what Drummond Island has to offer and that you enjoyed the company of my dear grandparents. Now I'm going to have to see if I can get me some of that kibbeh nayeh!
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